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GinzaMetrics allows you to report on your site, campaign, search and content efforts in a variety of ways.

From any of your graphs or charts, use the “Export” feature to create Excel, CSV or PDF exports of your data.

seo report export

You can also generate custom reports in your dashboard. Custom reports can be generated on demand, or sent via scheduled email to you, your team, or other selected individuals.

To create custom reports use the Workflow option in your top navigation bar. 

seo custom reports

 Your custom report options include:

  • Selecting a header
  • Adding a logo
  • Selection of individual reporting modules
  • Custom date ranges
  • Custom chart views
  • Drag and drop of selected reporting modules

custom reports for seo and content marketing

 Custom module options include:

  • Organic visits and rankings
  • Organic conversions and rankings
  • Organic revenue and rankings
  • Findability Score trends
  • Average ranking trends
  • Ranking distribution
  • PLP report table
  • Pages table
  • Competitors table
  • Recommendations
  • Keywords table
  • Keyword groups table
  • Ranking trends table
  • Page indexing table

For more information on our reporting releases, contact us or check out our blog posts.

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