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View content on your site, including findability by targeted keywords, through the Insights tab in your navigation. Once you have clicked Insights, select Content, to be taken to a complete listing of all pages that are ranking for your targeted keywords.

manage content with seo dashboard

Ranking Content Veiw

Your Content section will show you the following items:

  • Page title and URL
  • Ranking keyword
  • Current position for selected search engine
  • Change in position for selected search engine – View your change in position as well as understand trending up and down rankings at a glance with numbers in green highlighting positive changes and numbers in red indicating negative ranking changes
  • Social signal data
    • Facebook – View Shares, Likes and Clicks for your content
    • Google+ – See the +1’s for your site content
    • Twitter – View Retweets for each of your pages

managing SEO for content

More Content Options

You can drill down into specific content and keywords form this section of the site by clicking on various areas.

Clicking into the page title and URL will provide you with page details including:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • URL
  • Canonical URL
  • Last crawled date
  • HTTP status code
  • Overall grade (based on proprietary grading system made up of three core components)

seo page detail information

You will also be able to view charts that include:

  • Keywords – View all ranking keywords for the selected page, view your GinzaMetrics Recommended Keyword Target as well as select a different keyword target if desired. You can also view social signal information, visits and conversions for each ranking keyword here as well.
  • Content Analysis – View your optimization overview and recommendations for the chosen page. Here you can view all potential errors or optimization options for this content.
  • Social Signals – View graphs broken out by each social signal data set, including Facebook Likes, Shares and Views, Google +1s, and Twitter Retweets. Graphs are available as a view over a selected date range and hovering over elements in the graph will provide detailed numbers for each day.
  • Indexing – View links to the selected content, anchor text, follow information, image and targeted keyword data here.
  • External Links – View inbound links, linking domains, and anchor text data, including domain authority information for your content.
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